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Eastern Red Cedar - Tree Species Overview

Eastern Red Cedar - Tree Species Overview Eastern red cedar or Juniperus virginiana is certifiably not a genuine cedar. It is a juniper and the most generally appropriated local conifer in the eastern United States. Redcedar (red and cedar can be spelled together or isolated) is found in each U.S. state east of the 100th meridian, which is a geographic vertical mapâ line isolating east and west North America. This tough tree is viewed as a pioneer tree animal groups and regularly among the principal trees to possess cleared zones, where its seeds are spread by cedar waxwings and different winged creatures that appreciate the plump, pale blue seed cones. Fence lines draw in the winged creatures and red cedar trees become the new wild support. The Eastern Red Cedar Tree Range The red cedar go reaches out from southeastern Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico. Toward the west, local red cedar tree extend just happens east of the Great Plains however has been effectively spread toward the west by regular recovery from planted trees. Without fire, eastern red cedar flourishes and may in the long run overwhelm mid-western grassland or backwoods vegetation. Unadulterated stands of eastern redcedar are dissipated all through the essential scope of the species. The greater part of these stands are on deserted homestead terrains or drier upland destinations. Fire is dangerous to the tree and regularly controlled or killed from a scene with the utilization of controlled consuming. The Hardy Eastern Red Cedar The thick however alluring foliage development makes eastern redcedar a most loved for windbreaks, screens, and untamed life spread for huge yards and scenes. Red cedars high salt-resilience makes it perfect for shoreline areas. All things considered, it isn't suggested as a road tree where winter streets are salted on the grounds that it can discourage the perspective on traffic. This tree does well in poor, compacted soils and is a decent tree for land recovery. It does well in regions that experience dry spell during the year. ID of Eastern Red Cedar The evergreen red cedar is a little to medium tree that infrequently surpasses 50 feet in tallness. Redcedar is single-trunked and the main local juniper that is upstanding and columnar. The bark has shedding dainty strips, the seed cones are berry-like and glaucous (somewhat blue), the leaves are scale-like and squeezed firmly against twigs. One other approach to recognize a red cedar is the presenceâ cedar-apple rust and bagworms that generally overrun/taint eastern red cedars. Employments of Eastern Red Cedar Red cedar wood is profoundly esteemed as a wood for the fine-grained, rot safe wood used to board storage rooms and split for fence posts. Different utilizations incorporate creation buckets, making lead pencils and making cedar chests. Talking about chests, the unstable cedrine camphor oil has been demonstrated to murder hatchlings of moths that feed on fleece. Redcedar makes a stunning Christmas tree and accompanies that ideal smell of the period. Selling it as a Christmas tree may not work where red cedar is definitely not a favored despite the fact that reasonable Christmas tree. Eastern Red Cedar Trees Plant Easily Eastern redcedar can be planted in full sun or incomplete shade. Red cedar will effortlessly develop in an assortment of soils, including earth, yet won't do well when roots are continually soggy or wet. Don't over water redcedar yet water seedlings until set up, at that point disregard the tree. Red cedars are hard to transplant because of a coarse root framework aside from when very little. In any case, when appropriately planted from nursery stock it will perform well with no mind and can deal with corrosive, basic soil and beach front soils. Normally, creepy crawlies and illnesses are not an issue whenever planted in open sun.

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Personal Development Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Self-awareness Plan - Assignment Example This character type forces people to be capable and dependable. They will in general go extraordinary lengths to do things they have confidence in. This remembers encouraging for any approach to profit their friends and family: family or companions. ISFJs’ abhor showdown however will face any individual who harms those they love. Following custom is essential, including regarding authority. Functional, these individuals demonstration as indicated by the put away data molding their outlook. This contrasts just when they manage individuals who cause them to supplant reasonableness with feeling: concern and values.If you feel that this outcome doesn't depict your character sufficiently †recommend what you think your character is. State which parts of the outcome you concur with most and those you don’t. For the appropriate response beneath just right about the qualities you concur with.â â â â I concur with the greater part of the characteristics of my character. The facts demonstrate that I would do anything in my capacity to secure the ones I love and keep them cheerful. My family thinks of me as a decent guardian, particularly when somebody becomes sick. In any case, it’s additionally obvious that I am delicate to the littlest of things. This unmistakably sharpened me winds up hurt in light of the fact that it’s incomprehensible for me to stand up to individuals. A heavy conventionalist, I am exceptionally exasperated when an authority is tested. I am additionally distrustful under pressure and can think the most terrible results of my choices. Additionally, a solid conviction framework makes individuals with ISJF to regard authority while keeping up their reasonableness. Shortcomings related with this character type are: ISJF propels a few people in building up specific information, which they will not address when hurried into choices. This inflexibility regularly makes them make wrong decisions. ISJFs’ need thankfulness for what they do; if their commitments are unacknowledged they gotten severe and distressed. It can likewise prompt seriousness while supporting power which can make issues if the chain of importance settles on an off-base choice. These people are mindful of the results of circumstances and don't work well under worry by envisioning excessively pessimistic results, without understanding the repercussions for everyone around them. 2. Learning inclinations. (Nectar and Mumford) Activist 3 Reflector 12 Theorist 18 Pragmatist 10 What are your relative qualities (regarding learning inclination?) I am better at being a scholar. I trust in following raw numbers that have been for quite some time set up. There are inflexible realities that must be followed and if their complexities can be fathomed it guarantees that my choices are great. What are your relative shortcomings (as far as learning inclination?) My shortcoming would be in being a dissident. I am unequipped for permitting encounters to shape and rule me. Additionally, I put stock in following an exacting system while learning and am not open to a ton of conceptualizing. Propose three things that you could do to build up your shortcomings 1. I could attempt to appreciate what I am doing rather than continually focusing on the result. 2. Rather than working alone I could pick a gathering which would free me up to new thoughts 3. I should quit attempting to consummate all that I learn in light of the fact that life is

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Comunication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Comunication - Essay Example It is clear that he utilizes Ethos very well in condemning the present government and its defenders, indicating every one of its disappointments and absence of pledge to serve the enthusiasm of the normal American individuals. He doesn't just credit this to the legislature as an establishment alone, yet in addition moves a nearer relationship of these disappointments to the Democrat party, which he sees unfit for the individuals. This, he does in the accompanying perceptions that he makes, which he accepts had an elective way out that would have seen the conditions and events become progressively ideal. The disappointment of the legislature was in the taxation rate that was offered on the individuals that was 33% of the National salary; the country had an obligation adding up to one and half more than the obligation of the considerable number of nations on the planet joined and there were numerous passings of the American warriors in the Vietnam War. He blamed the individuals for the present government, the president comprehensive of disregarding the American individuals and the Nations constitution, through talks and articulations that were assimilated with mockery. He saw that the administration had alluded to the American individuals as the â€Å"Masses† and the constitution as this â€Å"Restrictive document,† just to later allude the individuals as the â€Å"greater society† (Michael, 3).All this was intended to show that the present government didn't maintain the enthusiasm of the individuals at its center standard and possibly thought of them as significa nt when they used the tremendous democratic force. The lack of regard of the country’s constitution was something that was equivalent to maltreatment of the people’s opportunity and freedom that had been hard won by their progenitors in the American war of autonomy. He refered to the failure of the administration to control the economy, with a case of its inclusion in ranch economy, in that the expense of this homestead economy program had nearly multiplied. He blamed the adversary for Barry Goldwater, who was from the Democrat

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The Role of Religion in the Assyrian and the Greek Worlds - 550 Words

The Role of Religion in the Assyrian and the Greek Worlds (Essay Sample) Content: Lastname FirstnameProfessorCourseDate: 22th April 2016Introduction to the role of religion in Assyrian and Greek worldsReligion has played a bigger role in Assyrian and the Greek world both which have been positive and also negative. The Assyrians are people who are indigenous to Mesopotamia, and most of them were Christians. The growth of the Christian religion had positive impacts as it helped to preach the gospel to people and also teachings on ethics. The Assyrians follow various Christian churches such as the Eastern churches. It is a clear indication that most of the Assyrians people were Christians. However, due to the growth of Christianity some negative influences were also identified(BetBasoo).As the Christian religion of Assyrians saw its way through, other religions such as the Islamic faith were against the Christian religion thus causing various conflicts in the religion which also had influences on the political side of the nation. The domination and th e challenges they faced were from foreigners who were against the Assyrians. Earlier times, the Assyrians had some form of religious freedom but after the invasion of the Arab and the Islamic religion, their freedom was undermined, and it was the root of many problems encountered afterward(BetBasoo).Throughout the life of the Assyrians, they have practiced two religions of Christianity and Ashurism, which was their earliest religion. Assyrians were the first nation to accept Christianity. The origin of theAssyrians religion is of the archeological material on the middle periods.The religion of the Assyrians was about the Babylonian and Assyrian religion(BetBasoo).Mesopotamia religion which involved Assyrian religion included some beliefs of early civilization. The religion had significant influence to the Assyrians and also to their culture("Mesopotamian Religion - New World Encyclopedia").Religion played a role in genocide to AssyrianAssyrian are the minority in the middle east re garding religion. Due to being Christian, most of the Assyrians were prosecute and also some riots would emerge because of being Christians.History of the Assyrian Religion and Greek WorldsBecause Assyrians are Semitic people, their roots can be traced in ancient Mesopotamia. The ancient traditionally used to believe in the gods although they later converted to Christianity. Due to their minority in the religion, this made them suffer great massacres and persecutions. The majority people were Islam, especially in the Ottoman Empire. There was no say for the Christian religion as the Islam undermined it, and the Islamic laws were the ones to be followed. Assyrians used to assume needed a home where they could communicate with the humans. It led to the creation of temples and cults to serve as the gods places to stay. The gods were serving as problem solvers for the problems that the Assyrians were facing and also serving as a source of help to the Assyrians and the Babylonians.Some of The Effects of Being in The MinorityPaying for special taxes. The Christians and the Jews paid special taxes to the ruling Islamic religion, and this also caused disregards to them. The reason for this undermining was because the Islams were the majority(Mark et al.).Limitation of carrying weapons. Carrying out weapons was also limited to the minority group especially of the Christians. The minority religion would bring identity marks. As a way of discrimination and undermining the religion, the minority would have markers for their identification(Mark et al.).Limitation of speaking the native language. The minority were limited and prevented from speaking their language.Christians were forced to be Muslims by most of their rulers as they belonged most to the Islamic religion. Failure to adhere with the conversion, they would be persecuted or even be slaughtered to death. There was a link between the Assyrian religion to activities that would call on for peace. It shows that thes e actions considered the value of a human being(Mark et al.).Influence of The Assyrian Religion on MusicThe Assyrian religion affected the music industry. Many of the Assyrian bands were named after Mesopotamia gods and also figures. It shows how their religion had a significant effect on various components of the culture.Till now most of the Assyrians use the names of their dogs either as the first names or the last names(Mark et al.).The Rise of NeoplatonismNeoplatonism was a religion that grew in Greek as a result of the mystical spirits in the Greek. Howe...

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The R Assessment Is An Early Childhood Environment Rating...

The ECERS-R assessment is an early childhood environment rating scale that assesses group programs serving children ages two through five. The assessment incorporates seven categories that focus on the various interactions that take place within a classroom setting. They include interactions with environment, teachers, parents, and other children. The ECERS-R emphasizes the inclusion of children with disabilities and cultural diversity. For this assessment, the chosen facility is the Cornerstone Center for Early Learning. This facility serves children six weeks to five years old, but in this assessment, the designated classroom only included children ages three to five. The funding for this facility includes a mixture of parent contribution and three government programs that include USDA, Head Start, and State Tuition Assistance. Cornerstone is a private facility due to its tuition costs and parent contribution. The teaching philosophy of this facility is to enhance the potential of each child through a higher level of care. After completing the assessment, a predetermined formula calculated a final score for each subunit. The category on Space and Furnishings received a final score of 6.13, due to the facilities well organized and usable spaces. This category received high marks on most of the subunits. One strength within this section includes the warm and inviting classroom, along with its designated spaces. The classroom included areas for reading, blocks, art,Show MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Childcare On Children s Social And Cognitive Development2900 Words   |  12 Pagesextremely inadequate. Do these early childcare centers have a long-term impact on a child’s social or cognitive development? And if so, what is impacting them? Is it a positive or negative impact? These questions in particular are ones that lack research, and the authors from the following two articles set out to find some answers. Child-Care Quality and Children’s Social Development Summary In 1987, Phillips, McCartney and Scarr studied the influence that childcare environments had on children’s socialRead MoreMajor Connections Between Young Children s Development And Learning And Their Later Attainment And School Achievement1554 Words   |  7 Pageswell-nourished; thoughtful of other’s emotions; and able to communicate their needs verbally, follow instructions, be attentive, take turns, and share. Today, the meaning of school readiness has grown and taken on new status. Most states have established early learning guidelines to determine children’s â€Å"readiness† for kindergarten. Head Start developed a readiness outcomes framework for children 3-5 years old to guide programmatic curriculum decisions (U.S Department of Health Human Services, 2010).Read MoreNonparental Child Care and Its Impact on Child Development1382 Words   |  6 Pagesnurturing children, and promoting continuing professional growth† (Berns, 2010, pg. 166). In home care by a relative, friend or nanny can offer the parents a solution to child care needs while providing an easier transition for the child in a familiar environment. Child care provided in the home of an independent caregiver is also an option for parents seeking care for their children while they work. â€Å"The Family Day Care Service is a more formalized version of the conventional nanny and baby-sitting services†Read MoreChild Abuse And Domestic Abuse1636 Words   |  7 PagesHerrenkohl, Sousa, Tajima, R. Herrenkohl, and Russo (2010) look at the relationship between those who were exposed to either child abuse, domestic abuse, or both and the outcome of aggressive adolescents. Families were first assessed when children were in preschool, eighteen months to six years old. The second data collection occurred when the children were eight to eleven years old. The final assessment occurred when the children were fourteen to twenty three years old. Assessments included searching officialRead MoreResearch Justification : Autism Spectrum Disorder2435 Words   |  10 Pagesgrammatical errors during conversations, repeating sentences or mute, repetitive routines, isolated skills, serious mindedness and named them as â€Å"early infantile Autism† (derived from the Greek word autos meaning ‘Self’) (Kanner, 1943, Wing, 1997, KITA and HOSOKAWA, 2011) . In the same year Dr. Hans Asperger submitted his thesis titled â€Å"Autistic psychopathy in childhood† which was published the following year in 1944 (Lyons and Fitzgerald, 2007). He observed a group of four children who had excellent memoriesRead MoreRelationship Between Child Development And Early Child Care3681 Words   |  15 PagesAbstract Over the past several years, researches have study the relationship between child development, early child care, and the importance of early children’s experiences. Although researchers have found that most children in day care don’t suffer from the experience, recent research suggest that child care hours is related with externalized behaviors. Child care has demonstrated to be a predictor in a child’s academic success later in life. High quality child care predicts higher vocabularyRead MoreReactive Attachment Disorder4031 Words   |  17 PagesA Research on Reactive Attachment Disorder of Early Childhood Yolanda Ashton Liberty University Abstract This paper explores the psychological disorder known as Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). It will investigate how a child diagnosed with RAD will have an inefficient connection with his or her caregiver during an early age. RAD is considered a serious disorder which affects infant and young children who have difficultiesRead MoreAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( Adhd )1952 Words   |  8 Pagesthere is concern with the validity of behavior rating scales because most screening tools correlate the behaviors of African-American boys and girls with ADHD behaviors twice as much as other ethnic groups (pp. 372-374). With that being said, Miller et al. (2008) states that behaviors such as aggression, tantrums, and antisocial behavior frequently co-occur with ADHD. The finding from these studies lead to questions about the reliability of behavioral scales and the classification of ADHD symptoms. CatherineRead MoreWhat Are the Effects of Adhd in the Classroom?5060 Words   |   21 Pagesthey will turn to teachers for guidance and help. ADHD can drastically affect childrens development at school, not only their work but also their social progress and the relationships that they have with teachers and their peers. If not identified early, long-term problems can lead to poor educational achievement and social seclusion. For these reasons, it is crucial that teachers know about the disorder and are able to offer proper support to children in their classes and guidance to parents, asRead MoreThe Erikson s Human Development Theory2149 Words   |  9 Pagesattachment style. The aim of the following essay is to evaluate whether the influence of early attachment style carried over to the later life continuously. The continuity of attachment style is a controversial topic in the field of developmental psychology. Numerous of early studies examined the factors that could influence the infant attachment style. Bowlby’s theory suggested that primary caregiver shaped the infant’s early relationship experience, the process was continuous, infant might eventually build

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Plato s Allegory Of The Cave - 1716 Words

In Plato’s, Allegory of the cave, a key theory I found was the importance of education. Plato uses an â€Å"allegory to illustrate the dilemma facing the psyche in the ascent to knowledge of the imperishable and unchanging forms† (104) Based on my research of the republic, the allegory can reveal multiple hidden messages. Plato describes, ordinary mortals are chained within an underground chamber, which according to Fiero, represents the psyche imprisoned within the human body. These mortals can’t look sideways only straight ahead. They also can’t leave the cave and are facing a cave wall that they can see shadows from a fire of what they imagine are men. These mortals have been in this cave since childhood, which makes them believe the shadows themselves are the men, not a reflection of an actual man. Again, according to Fiero, the light, represents true knowledge, and the shadows on the walls of the cave represent the imperfect and perishable imitations of the forms that occupy the world of the senses. Plato introduces the Theory of Knowledge, which asserts the existence of two level reality, the first constantly changing particulars available to our senses, the other existing of unchanging eternal truths understood by way of the intellect. According to Bettrand Russel, â€Å"when we have asked ourselves seriously whether we really know anything at all, we are naturally led into an examination of knowing, in the hope of being able to distinguish trustworthy beliefs from such as areShow MoreRelatedPlato s Allegory Of Cave1979 Words   |  8 PagesJaneva Walters December 6, 2016 Dr. T. Brady ENG 391 Plato’s Allegory of Cave The allegory of the cave is regarded as one of the most reputed and acclaimed works by the Greek philosopher Plato in modern literature as well as philosophy. First published and presented in his work known as a Republic (514a–520a), the dialogues that have been used as conversation can be regarded as fictitious as the main conversation takes place between Plato’s brother Glaucon and Socrates. First and foremost, allegoricalRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave1814 Words   |  8 PagesIn Plato’s, â€Å"Allegory of the Cave†, a key theory I found was the importance of gaining knowledge. Plato uses an â€Å"allegory to illustrate the dilemma facing the psyche in the ascent to knowledge of the imperishable and unchanging forms† (Fiero, 104). Based on my research of the Republic, the allegory can reveal multiple hidden messages. Plato describes in the Allegory, ordinary mortals who are chained within an underground chamber, which according to Fiero, r epresents the psyche imprisoned within theRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave1379 Words   |  6 Pagesbeen in a cave? Caves are dark, cold, and often times dangerous. People who lose their source of light in a cave often face death from physical injury or hypothermia, unless otherwise rescued. The Greek philosopher Plato illustrated the difference between reality and illusion through a story about prisoners who lived their entire existence in a cave. Plato tells the â€Å"Allegory of the Cave† as a conversation between Socrates, his mentor, and Glaucon, one of Socrates’ students. Plato’s allegory of theRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave Essay1630 Words   |  7 Pagescondition impressed by an image can sometimes like as a flame, spreading throughout other discourses for long after its initial kindling. Such is the case with Plato s allegory of the cave, which has for over 2,500 years inspired significant contributions to theorizations of truth. Despite t he age of Plato s work, the truth in the allegory is demonstrated by its own universality; as a formative piece of literature, the story acts as a gateway into Western discourses of truth. Truth remains an elusiveRead MorePlato s The Allegory Of The Cave1965 Words   |  8 PagesIn this paper I shall argue for Socrates’ notion in the Allegory of the Cave, saying that the purpose of education is not to place knowledge to the mind where there was none, but instead to recognise the already underlying existence of such insight inside the mind, and to help divert the ones in need of teaching onto the correct path to find and retrieve such knowledge. Plato in his time was a dedicated student of Socrates, so most of Socrates â€Å"logos† and concepts heavily influenced Plato’s futureRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave910 Words   |  4 Pagesnature within them to reach their potential. Allegory is to reveal a hidden meaning, normally a moral, based on fictional stories. Plato Allegory of the Cave reminds us that the theory of Forms is real and suggests that the one with the empirical science would share his mind with the commoner in society. We must grasp the complex different types of Forms – opinion, knowledge and beauty really meant for Plato. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Plato talks about dualism, mind (soul) and body. InRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave Essay1370 Words   |  6 Pagesflesh to satisfy the god (Ahmed 2010). All of these civilizations were interactive with their environment, but imagine if one knew only of the reality they believed inside of a cave not experiencing e vents within the real world. In Plato’s, Allegory of the Cave, he describes the scenario of prisoners kept isolated in a cave left to come up with a reality that they comprehended with the images that they saw in front of them. This applies especially to politics, because people are left to decipherRead MoreAnalyzing Plato s Allegory Of The Cave874 Words   |  4 PagesI’ll be analyzing Plato’s Allegory of the Cave through my own interpretation. An allegory is defined as â€Å"a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.† In Plato’s Republic the short excerpt The Allegory of the Cave can be viewed through multiple perspectives. Plato’s image of the cave is known as the â€Å"theory of forms†¦ The theory assumes the existence of a level of reality inhabited by ideal â€Å"forms† of all things and concepts (Revelations:Read MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave Ess ay1842 Words   |  8 Pagesto find pieces about importance of our ego as well. Plato is one of the most important philosophers in western history. That brings us a question, why ego is such significant for both western and eastern philosophers and religious works? Sigmund Freud, who carried on Plato’s thinking on humanity and our society, pointed out what Plato has vaguely discussed about that the significance and impact the ego has on us. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, what the prisoners are actually experiencing the fightRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave1217 Words   |  5 Pagesthe other persons and sometimes that can get a little out of hand, depending on who you are dealing with. I guess the major point in all this is to never judge a book by its cover, always learn yourself. In Plato’s â€Å"Allegory of the Cave†, there are these prisoners that live in a cave and have never seen any natural sunlight. They can only see shadows of things displayed on the wall by the light coming from the fire. The prisoners get happy and interested by the shadows they see. The shadows could

The Lincoln Assassination Essay Example For Students

The Lincoln Assassination Essay On April, 14 1865 President Abraham Lincoln was shot while watching a performance of An AmericanCousin at Fords Theater. President Lincoln died the next morning. The person who had killed Lincolnwas John Wilkes Booth. A few days before he was killed, Lincoln had told his spouse about a dream he had, he saw apresident shrouded on a catafalque in the east room of the White House. Even after this dream he attendedAn American Cousin at Fords Theater. John Wilkes Booth thought the president was determined to destroy the constitution, set aside therights reserved to the states, crush civil liberties, and restore monarchy. He saw the confederacy was theonly means to of upholding the values of the founding fathers. He devoted much of late 1864 and early1865 to a series of plots to abduct Lincoln and use his capture to nullify the Unions war aims. Everyscheme ending in frustration. After Lee had surrendered to the Army of the Potomac, in the second weekof April, he saw that only the most desperate measures offered any hope of salvaging the Southern Cause. Shortly before he went into the theater, he stopped at tavern for a drink. While in the bar anacquaintance jokingly remarked that he would never be as great as his father, Booth replied by sayingWhen I leave the stage, I will be the most talked about man in America.The Atlanta Campaign of 1864In the spring of 1864, Gen. W. T. Sherman concentrated the Union armies of G. H. Thomas, J. B. McPherson, and J. M. Schofield around Chattanooga. On May 6 he began to move along the railroad fromChattanooga to Atlanta. Sherman had two objectives, one was to destroy the army of General J. E. Johnston and the other was to capture Atlanta. Johnston realizing that he was outnumbered started toretreat south. Sherman tried a direct assault on Johnstons forces and was repulsed. Johnston had retreatedback to the south bank of the Chattahoochee river. On July 17, John Bell Hood replaced Johnston asGeneral. He tried to continue with Johnstons plan, but failed to stop the advance of Union troops. Heretired to Atlanta, which Sherman soon had under bombardment. On September 1 Hood abandonedAtlanta, the next day Sherman moved in and burned it. The Maryland InvasionA year after the confederate defeat at Gettysburg. Robert E. Lee planned to invade the Northagain like he did in the campaigns of Antietam and Gettysburg. He hoped that this would be enough to getGrant to detach part of his army to protect Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington City, or to have Grantattach fortifications and risk heavy lose. MiscellaneousFort Pillow Massacre: An incident that took place in Fort Pillow, Tennessee, April 12, 1864. Confederate troops commanded by General N. B. Forrest, stormed and captured Fort Pillow on theMississippi River. The garrison of black soldiers and Tennessee Unionist held out beyond all possiblehope. The joint committee on the Conduct of War investigated and charged that the Confederatesindiscriminately slaughtered more than 300 black soldiers. General Sherman was ordered to investigate,but his report was never published. Battle of Franklin: November 30, 1864, a Civil War engagement in which the Confederate forceswere defeated. After abandoning Atlanta, General Hood reorganized the Confederate army at LovejoysStation. His hope was too cut off Shermans lines of communication.